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The Shreiks from Below reviews Atacama

“Another top notch new release from Washington D.C’ s Borracho. Eight consistently strong tracks of stellar stoner rock that must surely catapult the band into the top echelons of the genre.” (November 27, 2016. Read the full review)

Droning Earth reviews Atacama

“These catchy stoner riffs take you back to the Sky Valley, or in this case to the fuzzed out trip through the Atacama desert, no fillers, all em kill.” (November 22, 2016. Read the full review)

Metal Na Lata reviews Atacama

(From Portuguese) “Strong recommendation for heavy metal fans, traditional doom, alternative, rock n ‘ roll and all that sludge and stoner can play. 8.5” (November 18, 2016. Read the full review in Portuguese)

Desert Psychlist reviews Atacama

“Have Borracho managed to avoid the curse of the “difficult third album”?…You betch’a. “Atacama” is their best yet!” (November 16, 2016. Read the full review)

The Obelisk reviews Atacama

“Their best yet, and one of 2016’s finest in heavy rock and roll.” (November 14, 2016. Read the full review)

Atacama arrives December 2 via Kozmik Artifactz

We are honored to announce that our third LP Atacama will be released by one of our favorite labels, Germany’s Kozmik Artifactz! CD and digital formats will be released on December 2, and the limited edition 180 gram gatefold LP will arrive in 2017. Check out the opening track “Gold from Sand” below, and preorder […]

DC Rock Live – July 2016 live review

“A Power with a capital P trio that has always done a great job around town. They have such a tough sound, but don’t let it overshadow their fine songs that could probably work in more than a few offshoot genres, as long as it still rocks.” (July 22, 2016. Read the full review)

Valley of Steel reviews Second Coming of Heavy Chapter One

“The first entry into this series of records — which came out back in July — really started things off with a bang… On this trio of tunes the band decidedly cranks up the southern rock factor.” (March 18, 2016. Read the full review)

The Obelisk picks Second Coming of Heavy #5, Eggnogg split #7 short releases of 2015

“A good number of splits included here… No coincidence that Washington D.C. heavy riffers Borracho show up twice in that mix.” – JJ Koczan (December 29, 2015. Read the full article)

Heavy Planet Picks Second Coming of Heavy #10 album of 2015

“Borracho follows with 3 excellent tracks of their own, laying down a feral, pulse pounding occasion of blues/rock celebration. The guitar-work will bore through to your core, vibrating in rhythm to your primal base, leaving you as exhausted and satisfied as if it had been a physical encounter instead of an intangible electric one. ” […]